Greg Caveman Parham “Leaner. Stronger. Faster. I made the switch to the Paleo diet in January 09 and these are but a few of the benefits I’ve experienced. As an elite athlete, I was looking to take my performance to the next level. I didn’t buy all the marketing junk about high carb intake, sports drinks, powerbars, goos, protein drinks, you name it. My body needed real food. Making the switch was easy, but keeping meals interesting was hard. That’s when I discovered the Paleo Cookbooks. Chock full of tasty and easy recipes, the cookbooks gave me the variety I needed to keep the diet going strong. Thanks Nikki!”

~ Greg “Caveman” Parham
Elite Athlete

Ursula Grobler “It was so great to download the Paleo Cookbooks and receive instant access to great ideas. The cookbooks are easy to read, easy to follow and so simple. Yet really tasty and fun to prepare.” I like the presentation and enjoy creating masterpieces from the Paleo Cookbooks. I have also enjoyed learning about the great substitutes for old favorites, like using green peppers as a ‘bread’ holder substitute, or still being able to bake foccacia, using alternative flours. I just enjoy ‘paging’ through the recipes planning out great meals to share with my friends and family.”

~ Ursula Grobler
USA Rower and Indoor World Record
holder for lightweight women 2000mr

John Schneider “Nikki, Thanks for putting together such great books. In the past 2 months, my cholesterol has dropped 24pts, I’m leaner, stronger, and just feeling better in general than I have in a long time. Your recipes are great and I can even get my wife to eat them without even knowing that we are doing anything special with our diet. I presented your material as a part of my nutrition plan for my judo club and they are all responding well to it. Please keep up the good work, you are changing lives.”

~ John Schneider
Head Coach, Pitt Judo
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM)
Masters of Science in Exercise Science –
Performance Enhancement & Injury Prevention

Travis Schefcik “Nikki, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your cookbooks. The Paleo Cookbooks are stuffed with easy to make recipes that cover breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Your cookbooks make a simple diet, even simpler! Thank you for taking the time to put all these delicious paleo recipes together and sharing them with the world!”

~ Travis Schefcik
L1 CrossFit Trainer

Adam Farrah “Nikki really did a great job putting her Paleo Cookbooks together. They’re well organized, beautifully laid out and have something for every taste preference. I was a chef for years and I STILL learned some great stuff from the Paleo Cookbooks. In particular, I eat a lot of eggs and all the omelet recipes and variations really gave me some great new ideas. Thanks again for putting together two great cookbooks, Nikki!

~ Adam Farrah
Author of Practical Paleolithic
CrossFit Coach
IKFF Kettlebell Teacher

Ross Blake “As a full time health and fitness consultant my clients need to eat right. Paleo nutrition is simply the most effective way for us to achieve the health outcomes necessary for lasting results. The problem is there is often a stalling point between wanting to eat paleo, knowing what to eat and how to cook. These cookbooks helps us to have paleo nutrition in our daily lives. I really appreciate all the effort that Nikki puts into her recipes. I have full confidence in anyone using this cookbook not only for health but for great tasting meal options.”

~ Ross Blake
Professional triathlete 1998-2002
Personal trainer and nutrition consultant for 13yrs
Owner and head strength and conditioning
coach, B32 CrossFit
Competitive CrossFitter

Daniel Chong Nikki, you have done an outstanding job with these Paleo Cookbooks. My experience in working with patients has shown me that explaining the diet to them and convincing them of its value are the easy parts. Getting them to actually implement it into their daily lives is definitely not!

With your cookbooks, you have created some rare resources for those people who are willing to give this very necessary way of eating a try, in a simple and immediately accessible format. I look forward recommending the Paleo Cookbooks to my patients over and over again!

~ Dr. Daniel Chong
Naturopathic Doctor and founder of SeekHealth.net

Andy Jeffery Hi Nikki, As a chef for 20 years before becoming a nutrition consultant of course I could provide my clients with lots of my own healthy recipes to improve their lives but I always find myself recommending your cook books and in fact I use them myself regularly. To tell the truth I would never be able to find the time to compile a resource as good as yours.

I love the incredible diversity in all your Paleo Cookbooks and I am especially impressed with your new ‘Simple Paleo Recipes cookbook‘. I find a lot of clients don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and these recipes make it quick and easy to adopt and stick to the Paleo way of life and enjoy all the benefits that follow.

~ Andy Jeffery
Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Certified Crossfit Coach & Athlete

Scott Kustes I highly recommend the Paleo Cookbooks. They cover everything from appetizers to salads, soups to meat of all types. Add to it that there are quite a few recipes with an ethnic flair, like Moroccan Chicken and Indian Curry, along with about 20 dessert ideas in each cookbook and you can literally make an entire seven course meal from this cookbook.

With the Paleo Cookbooks, Nikki has taken everyday foods like crackers and hummus and given them a Paleo slant. For instance, she has recipes for hummus, which I absolutely love, but made with cashews or roasted pumpkin, instead of chickpeas. What I really like about Nikki’s cookbook is that the recipes are simple and include tons of salads and fresh vegetables, along with several new omelet ideas (I love eggs!). I find the Paleo Cookbooks to be the perfect blend of Paleo foods with some healthy compromises.

~ Scott Kustes
Health and food ‘connoisseur’ & multi-sport athlete

Garrett L. Smith As a licensed naturopathic physician, clinical nutrition is a cornerstone of my practice. I have found that the general premises in “The Paleo Diet” have been invaluable in giving my patients a framework with which to begin regaining (and then maintaining) their health and wellness. One of the biggest obstacles I hear from patients is that there is a clear lack of well-written cookbooks that stay within the “Paleo” guidelines. Nikki Young has done a wonderful job of writing these cookbooks, full of recipes for new dishes and variations on familiar favorites. I highly recommend these cookbooks to anyone who plans on, or is currently, improving their health by using the Paleo diet.

~ Garrett L. Smith NMD CSCS BS
Licensed Naturopathic Physician

Greg Battaglia Nikki’s Paleo Cookbooks are amazing! They include everything from light summer salads to hearty winter soups, all without using any of the unhealthy ingredients that typically accompany our favorite dishes. The Paleo Cookbooks clearly show that eating healthy does not in any way have to be boring or tasteless. If you want flavor and healthy all in one shot The Paleo Cookbooks are the way to go.

~ Greg Battaglia
Level I Crossfit trainer & a Dietetics student at Immaculata University

Matt D’Aquino As a professional athlete I need to pay close attention to what I eat in order for my performance and recovery to stay optimal while avoiding putting on too much weight leading up to competitions. Nikki’s Simple Paleo Recipes cookbook is packed with paleo recipes that I would recommend to any athlete to help them eat healthy meals full of essential proteins, vegetables and heathy fats that will assist them in staying lean while performing at a higher level of athletic performance.

~ Matt D’Aquino
Australian Judo fighter, Olympian & Oceania Champion

Kara All recipes within the Paleo Cookbooks are easy to cook and they taste great! I do not need to be a master chef, or buy any unusual ingredients, I’m using ingredients readily available and can easily create delicious meals and desserts. All you need is motivation and appetite!

~ Kara

Antonio Valladares I have been a fitness & nutrition coach in New York City since 1994 and have only come across a few cookbooks I recommend to my clients. Nikki Young’s Paleo Cookbooks are by far, the healthiest, simplest, easiest to make and super delicious (and my personal favorite) collection of truly awesome recipes that I love!

The main dishes are perfect for fat loss and overall health; anyone who eats like this will automatically lose weight without dieting. Even the deserts are ultra delicious, will satisfy your sweet tooth, and most importantly are very healthy.

I encourage anyone who wants to lose weight, have more energy, enhance fertility, fuel sports performance or simply be healthy while having no doubt what foods should be eaten to be healthy to get these cookbooks now!

~ Antonio Valladares
Certified personal trainer, athletic coach and nutrition & lifestyle coach (chek institute)

Andrew Rubalcava I am in the best shape and the best health of my life since following the paleo diet and the recipes within the Paleo Cookbooks have helped me continue to cook delicious meals that are paleo friendly. I have and will continue to recommended the Paleo Cookbooks to my friends, family and to all the readers on my blog who want to achieve a healthy lifestyle on the paleo diet!

~ Andrew Rubalcava
Recognized health and fitness blogger

Mike O’Donnell As a professional health and fitness coach, I tell all my clients to follow the one simple rule for better health and lasting weight loss….”eat real foods”

But the biggest issues my clients (and most people out there trying to lose weight) have is learning how to make “real foods” taste great./p>

The Paleo Cookbooks have now taken the guess work out of preparing healthy meals and are a must have in my book for anyone wanting real long term results simple and tasty “real food” dishes.

~ Mike O’Donnell’
Certified personal trainer & health coach

Steve WOW, this is great! I seriously thought I was healthy and fit, but after 2 weeks of eating your recipes i definitely noticed an increase in my energy, I’ve been able to train ten times harder than i used to on an average day and I’ve dropped 5kg in 2 weeks. I am leaner than I have been for many years!

~ Steve

Lillea Woodlyns Thank you so much, Nikki, for creating The Paleo Cookbook! Your recipes prove that Paleo eating isn’t only about big slabs of meat with a few greens thrown in as an after thought.

I love how these recipes are easy to make, use ingredients that can be found in almost any supermarket, and can appeal to different tastes. What also sets this collection apart is that there are lots of 100% vegetable based recipes, kid friendly choices, and a blend of traditional dishes (that have always been Paleo friendly) along with creative Paleo versions of non-Paleo foods (I love the way that you have created and used Paleo friendly noodles). I find the ebook format very handy. I can simply print out my favorites so they are by the stove, ready to go.

Thank you again Nikki. It’s a relief to be able to end my hunt for a good Paleo recipe book!

~ Lillea Woodlyns
Founder of Intermittent Fasting Review

Nikki, this Paleo Cookbook is awesome! There are foods which you have used that I have heard of but never knew what to do with – and now I do!! I also enjoy eating eggs every morning and you have just provided me with a whole new range of recipes that I can make to keep variety in my breakfasts! The things I can now do with eggs!!! I can’t wait to try more recipes within the Simple Paleo Recipes cookbook and I’m recommending it to my crew at CrossFit!

~ Wendy

Kara & Joe A fantastic follow up to the current Paleo Cookbook series. These recipes have really started to help us expand and add some great variety to our paleo meals – Excellent!

~ Kara & Joe

Phil I’m totally blown away by these recipes! Nikki has done an outstanding job in really promoting the flavors, textures and cooking styles of paleo friendly foods, and bringing them into simple recipes anybody can put together. If anyone thinks healthy eating is tasteless and boring – this cookbook will change your view forever.

~ Phil

After reading through the recipes in your cookbooks, I realized that this kind of cookbook is exactly what I have been looking for!... I can’t thank you enough for putting this information out for public consumption.

~ Claire

Steve I’ve been following the paleo diet for 3 years and this cookbook has opened my eyes – and my taste buds – to new and exciting ways of cooking. My lunches at work have taken on a whole new meaning of awesome! Thank-you for creating such fantastic recipes that are incredibly tasty and simple to prepare.

~ Steve