ATTENTION: As the paleo diet is taking the world by storm, many people are benefiting from the healthy dietary changes of eating foods provided by mother nature . . .

How Would You Like to Start Cooking Simple Meals That Promote Good Health, Increased Energy, Wellness and Longevity?

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      If you're on this website right now, you're either one of two people. You're either someone who is wanting to find a way to improve their health, wellness and longevity. Or you're someone who is currently familiar with the approach of the paleolithic diet/paleo diet who is absolutely rapped in the benefits that you have achieved through simply eating the foods which are part of the paleo principles.

Either way, if you are one of these two people, what I am about to share with you is going to benefit you greatly, because I truly believe that the paleo diet is the healthiest foundation of foods that we as human beings can consume, and the best thing that we can do in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet is to make a simple and achievable change in the foods we eat.

I want to ask you if you know the reason why so many fad diets, why so many lifestyle changes and adaptions to peoples lives often goes unachieved? I can tell you right now that the main reason so many things in life are not achieved is because they just aren't made simple. In regards to diet; programs are often just too unrealistic and in the long term they can end up being something which cannot be maintained because the dietary recommendations are not healthy in the long term.

But I'm hear to tell you that the paleo diet is definitely not a fad diet and it is extremely easy to stay with long term so you can achieve a vast array of positive changes in your health. Simply following the principles of the paleo diet is the best thing that you can do and the simplest thing you can do to achieve these results and many more:

  • Good health
  • Wellness
  • Longevity
  • Reduced Illnesses
  • Increased Energy
  • And to help your family achieve these
    improvements in their health as well...
Simple Paleo Recipes Cookbook

How About You Start Making Life In The
Kitchen Easier??

If you're wanting to start changing your dietary patterns to one of healthy eating and to one of the paleo diet, then you need to find a solution to create simple, healthy meals that don't take much time in the kitchen - I have put this solution together within the Simple Paleo Recipes cookbook.

We shouldn't be looking for a solution to convenient simple meals within modern day processed foods.

Even though the paleo diet is the healthiest and simplest diet we can follow, I know that making the initial lifestyle change can be difficult, and I know that being able to prepare and cook paleo friendly meals everyday while maintaining variety and excitement to keep yourself and your family satisfied, while you're running around completing your daily tasks can also be difficult

But picking up a convenient, usually inexpensive muffin from a nearby cafe, or purchasing a chocolate bar as a sweet handy on-the-move snack, is not convenient for your health because of the health complications these foods cause when they have entered the body.

Are all these processed foods somehow healthy for us that we should consume them in order to be healthy? Or was our diet and the foods available before this period healthier for us?


I can tell you now that since the inclusion of grains, sugars, dairy and processed foods, the health of man-kind has reduced significantly. Obesity has gone up beyond belief, chronic illnesses are on an epidemic rise, dentists are making an absolute killing financially because of the amount of tooth decay caused by sugar and grains, while the amount of medicines that people are on today to try and stop their health declining further is often causing more harm than good.

But sadly what isn't covered and what doesn't seem to be mentioned as being the leading cause of these problems, is what people are putting into their mouths. Everything that we put into our mouth effects the way our body functions. The paleo diet is based off foods by nature, foods which aren't de-natured by modern technology and agriculture, that aren't filled with chemicals and pesticides that are linked with many illnesses today.

This is why the popularity of the paleo diet is growing rapidly, we are understanding that these foods that have only been around for a few hundred years, are not healthy for us, and we are now more than ever listening to our body and to nature.

"As a full time health and fitness consultant my clients need to eat right. Paleo nutrition is simply the most effective way for us to achieve the health outcomes necessary for lasting results. The problem is there is often a stalling point between wanting to eat paleo, knowing what to eat and how to cook. This cookbook helps us to have paleo nutrition in our daily lives. I really appreciate all the effort that Nikki puts into her recipes. I have full confidence in anyone using this cookbook not only for health but for great tasting meal options."

~ Ross Blake
Professional triathlete 1998-2002
Personal trainer and nutrition consultant for 13yrs
Owner and head strength and conditioning
coach, B32 CrossFit
Competitive CrossFitter

"Hi Nikki, As a chef for 20 years before becoming a nutrition consultant of course I could provide my clients with lots of my own healthy recipes to improve their lives but I always find myself recommending your cook books and in fact I use them myself regularly. To tell the truth I would never be able to find the time to compile a resource as good as yours.

I love the incredible diversity in all your Paleo Cookbooks and I am especially impressed with your new ‘Simple Paleo Recipes cookbook'. I find a lot of clients don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and these recipes make it quick and easy to adopt and stick to the Paleo way of life and enjoy all the benefits that follow."

~ Andy Jeffery
Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Certified Crossfit Coach & Athlete

"The Simple Paleo Recipes cookbook is an all in one Paleo diet cookbook. Not only does it have breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes, but it's loaded with soup recipes, snack recipes, and even sauce recipes. Your almond hedgehog snack recipes is, by far, my favorite Paleo snack!"

~ Travis Schefcik
L1 CrossFit Trainer

"As a professional athlete I need to pay close attention to what I eat in order for my performance and recovery to stay optimal while avoiding putting on too much weight leading up to competitions. Nikki's Simple Paleo Recipes cookbook is packed with paleo recipes that I would recommend to any athlete to help them eat healthy meals full of essential proteins, vegetables and heathy fats that will assist them in staying lean while performing at a higher level of athletic performance."

~ Matt D'Aquino
Australian Judo fighter, Olympian & Oceania Champion

If You Are After Weight Loss Results The Paleo Diet
Will Help You Achieve These Results Rapidly

Have you ever seen a weight loss program than recommends eating high amounts of grains, high amounts of dairy and high amounts of sugars and deep fried products?

Absolutely not! Consuming these foods increases the fat storage of the body. Every weight loss product and diet that is out there will recommend that you consume a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, rich in lean meats, rich in nuts and seeds, healthy fats and plant produce while eliminating or significantly reducing the amount of modern-day foods in order for the body to maintain a healthy low-body fat percentage.

This is the paleo diet - if you're looking for good health which will also mean that your body fat percentage is healthy, then the paleo diet is what makes sense. When you incorporate the paleo diet into simple meals into your day that you can feed yourself and your family with that are hassle-free, simple to prepare, easy to plate, easy to store and re-heat for a later consumption, then you're on the best step towards your health and the best steps towards maintaining a healthy diet.

These Recipes Are Some Of The Tastiest Paleo Recipes You Will Ever Have The Pleasure Of Creating And Preparing In Your Kitchen!

These paleo recipes are not only simple to prepare and to put together, but there is also so much variety within these 200 recipes that you won't have any struggle in figuring out what you can eat for breakfast, what you can have for lunch, dinner and what you can have as a healthy snack on the move.

The Simple Paleo Recipes cookbook covers everything that you need:

Simple Paleo Recipes Cookbook
Simple Paleo Recipes Cookbook
Downloadable E-book


Another Additional Advantage!

I have also put in one more additional advantage into this cookbook for you, and this is something that anyone who is following the paleo diet is really going to enjoy. One of the most common inquires with the paleo diet (because it does eliminate grains and other 'convenient' foods) is what to eat for breakfast, what to have as a snack and often what to have as a convenient lunch.

What I have put together within the Simple Paleo Recipes cookbook is a reference on every single recipe, as to the types of meals these recipes are best suited for.

Recipes are categorized under:

...but the references for each recipe put them into even more categories!

You will be able to reference lunches, dinners and breakfast meals from all sections of the cookbook!.

Stop searching through cookbooks to try and find a recipe that meets with the paleo diet, and stop trying to find a recipe that not only meets with the paleo diet but that is simple and is easy to prepare, this cookbook contains over 200 recipes that are simple to put together, easy to prepare and are all 100% paleo friendly.

When you have the Simple Paleo Recipes cookbook, and you gain instant access after purchase (available as a downloadable e-book), you can head to your local farmers markets or supermarkets, pick up some wholesome foods and you can cook up and create a simple paleo recipe - today!

  • Over 200 Recipes - Using 100% raw, natural, healthy ingredients with exciting flavors that will boost your enjoyment for eating truly healthy meals.

  • Simple and Easy to Create Recipes - With clear step by step instructions you will produce paleo friendly meals that will get rave reviews from friends and family every time!

  • 8 Recipe Categories - Recipes under the following categories will excite your taste-buds and have you cooking an easy three course meal: Salads & Sides, Poultry, Meat, Seafood, Eggs, Snacks & Sweets, Sauces & Dressings

  • Measurement Conversion Table - No matter what metric system you use, you will easily be able to make these recipes without any hassle!

  • Absolutely everything you'll need to follow the healthiest diet in the world and to start achieving the health, energy, vitality and weight loss results you want.

"I've been following the paleo diet for 3 years and this cookbook has opened my eyes - and my taste buds - to new and exciting ways of cooking. My lunches at work have taken on a whole new meaning of awesome! Thank-you for creating such fantastic recipes that are incredibly tasty and simple to prepare."

~ Steve

"Nikki, this paleo cookbook is awesome! There are foods which you have used that I have heard of but never knew what to do with - and now I do!! I also enjoy eating eggs every morning and you have just provided me with a whole new range of recipes that I can make to keep variety in my breakfasts! The things I can now do with eggs!!! I can't wait to try more recipes within the Simple Paleo Recipes cookbook and I'm recommending it to my crew at CrossFit!"

~ Wendy

"A fantastic follow up to the current Paleo Cookbook series. These recipes have really started to help us expand and add some great variety to our paleo meals - Excellent!"

Kara & Joe

"I'm totally blown away by these recipes! Nikki has done an outstanding job in really promoting the flavors, textures and cooking styles of paleo friendly foods, and bringing them into simple recipes anybody can put together. If anyone thinks healthy eating is tasteless and boring - this cookbook will change your view forever."

~ Phil

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Paleo Friendly Milkshake Recipes

Paleo Friendly Milkshake Recipes

These 22 delicious milkshake recipes use almond milk as the perfect alternative to pasteurized dairy, along with the natural flavors from nuts, seeds and fruits to make the perfect combinations for paleo friendly milkshakes.

Your kids will love these milkshakes and you will too, knowing that they are full of healthy nutrients and natural flavors.

Paleo Friendly Indian Recipes Cookbook

Paleo Friendly Indian Recipes

Indian cuisine has a heavy use of dairy and grains – that is unless you have the paleo friendly options for Indian recipes!

Within my Paleo Friendly Indian Recipes cookbook, you will find 20 recipes from Chicken Korma to Rogan Josh, with substitute options for dairy and sides which can be incorporated into many Indian recipes that you will enjoy time and time again!

If you need paleo friendly recipes all in one location for every part of the day, every meal of the day, pick up the Simple Paleo Recipes cookbook today for only $27, you will gain instant access to the download of this cookbook within minutes of processing your payment.

Ready to Start Cooking?

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Simple Paleo Recipes Cookbook
Simple Paleo Recipes Cookbook
Downloadable E-book

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Simple Paleo Recipes Cookbook
Simple Paleo Recipes Cookbook
Downloadable E-book

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