ATTENTION: With my latest cookbook, you will create the most flavorsome and healthy sweets through using the natural flavors of mothers natures foods . . .

Are You Ready To Start Eating Delicious Cakes, Biscuits and Desserts Again
WITHOUT Feeling Guilty?

Dear friend,

      Over the last few years I have been slowly putting together and creating paleo recipes for sweets...

Sweets that can be enjoyed over morning tea, a cake which kids can enjoy at a birthday party (while you know you are keeping them healthy!), paleo ice-cream recipes that can be enjoyed on a hot summers day... and many more! And best of all? These recipes avoid you needing to have a 'cheat' meal, and avoid you swaying from the health benefits of the paleo diet!

In the next few minutes I want to let you know that with my latest cookbook you can create the most quality, unbelievably tasty and extremely nutritious cookies, cakes, jelly's, ice-creams and paleo friendly sweets instantly!

You can STAY paleo and STAY gluten-free and dairy-free easily without feeling like you need to have a 'cheat meal' just to get through a family birthday or special occasion. And you will NEVER have to deter from the paleo diet, ever again!

How These Paleo Recipes Came About!

My name is Nikki Young, and I would like to let you know how I came about creating these paleo recipes...

... It hasn't always been easy, and there has been a lot of trial and error, but I have been able to create recipes for paleo sweets that turn out perfectly every time and always taste fantastic!

A lot of you will already know of my successful cookbooks; Simple Paleo Recipes, Paleo Eating for Modern People and Recipes For The 21st Century Hunter Gatherer. Within these cookbooks I have always shared a few paleo sweet recipes, including cakes, biscuits and more. But my latest cookbook, Paleo Sweets, goes FAR beyond these recipes I have previously put together.

Within Paleo Sweets I have created paleo cookies and biscuits that have different textures; some are crunchy, some are soft and chewy, and some are recreations of sweets you would have likely enjoyed as a child - such
as shortbread!

When it comes to cakes, I have successfully been able to expand out into creating different styles and textures of cakes. In my recipes, the nuts are not just replacing the flour (which a lot of paleo cake recipes do) - but I have a carefully selected flavor combinations that enhance and optimize the natural flavors to their fullest.

By highlighting the paleo friendly ingredients; nuts, seeds, fruits, honey and spices, I've been able to create some of the most delicious paleo sweets recipes that I have ever made in my past 5yrs of cooking paleo!

These recipes are not only perfect for people who are wanting to follow the paleo diet strictly, but they are also perfect for people who suffer gluten intolerance, and dairy (or) lactose intolerance. Gluten and dairy being two prominent ingredients within many sweets and desserts... In-fact, looking through a cookbook on desserts you will likely find that not many recipes actually fall in-lines with a gluten-free diet, let alone a paleo diet!

I know that this cookbook is going to be SO greatly received within the paleo community, and so greatly received within the gluten-free and dairy-free community, that I'm also including in a special bonus for you if you order. And this is...

Paleo Friendly Protein Bars!

Have you seen these around? My guess is... NO!

Because even still, protein bars are made up of:

In-fact, I am absolutely so excited about these recipes that I almost ended up selling this cookbook on it's own - but now, you can have it as a special bonus with my Paleo Sweets cookbook!

I have had such great success with these protein bars that I believe they are the answer for anyone who wants a paleo friendly snack that is rich in protein (sometimes difficult to do when on the move) and I know that these are going to become a common recipe created in your household.

These paleo protein bars contain on average 14g of protein per serve!

Homemade Dried Fruit Guide

This guide will provide you with everything you need to know to make your own dried fruit at home.

Save on costs and save on throwing out your fruit before it over ripens! This paleo friendly preserving method is perfect for snack options and adding to paleo recipes for diversity in textures and flavors (including the suggestions for use within my Paleo Protein Bar Recipes cookbook!).

This guide will come in handy more times than you think
– and it’s yours as a bonus along with Paleo Sweets!

This offer of my Paleo Sweets cookbook AND my bonus Paleo Protein Bar Recipes cookbook AND Homemade Dried Fruit Guide are not only perfect for anyone following the paleo diet, or looking to avoid grains and dairy completely, but these are also perfect for the paleo athlete.

"I don't know how I ever made it through my days without these paleo friendly protein bars! To be honest, i don't think i ever really did! As a professional athlete, training upwards of six hours a day, it's always been difficult for me to find ways to keep my calories high in order to recover from all of the training while also keeping my muscle mass and staying lean. These paleo friendly protein bars have become a staple part of my diet, they are convenient to take to the gym and nutritionally beneficial. I not only recommend the paleo protein bars to everybody that I talk too, but the recipes within the Paleo Sweets cookbook have also made a positive impact to my diet. As an athlete these recipes have helped to keep my calories high while also allowing me to enjoy the odd desert without worrying about all of the negative side effects associated with grains, dairy and processed sugars."

~ Stephen Reeks
Professional Athlete
Personal Trainer

"I just finished reading the Paleo Sweets cookbook and cant wait to get in and start cooking up some treats for myself. While I have found the three main meals reasonably easy to accommodate within the Paleo diet snack time has definitely been found wanting in variety and enjoyment. A handful of nuts has become quite boring. The beauty of the Paleo Sweets cookbook is the essence of CrossFit, constant variety of a fundamental philosophy placed on a whiteboard for you so you don't have to rack your brain about what your going to do, just get in and do it. Looking forward to my first batch of bikkies and hooking in to one of the tasty fruit salads. Top Stuff!"

~ Steve Hill
Australian Judo Representative
State Judo coach for 10yrs
CrossFit Hill Affiliate owner

Even MORE Value!

Not only am I going to share with you 82 paleo friendly sweets recipes that I have put together over the years, but I've also included within this cookbook an overview on nuts and fruits AND 26 nut butter recipes! Here is the FULL table of contents for Paleo Sweets:

Delicious Flavors & Highly Nutritious..
What More Could You Want!

Nuts are rich in vitamins and minerals and over the range of nuts and seeds that you can purchase, textures vary as well - which makes for great variety in your paleo friendly cooking. When it comes to fruit, natures natural sweetener, again we see a vast range of nutritional density amongst all of the fruits available world-wide.

Unfortunately when it comes to creating desserts, most modern day recipes opt for refined sugars; containing NO nutritional value. When it comes to fruits, these natural sweeteners can not only create a nice sweet taste to your recipes, and create a perfect solution for paleo friendly sweets, but they also contain...

  • nutritional density
  • a VAST range of flavors, and
  • a VAST range of textures... ultimately provide you with a never ending variety in recipes.

I believe paleo holds so much more variety in flavor than grains (which are tasteless anyway) and dairy (which often needs added flavors in order to have a prominent taste). I have been able to create recipes from breakfast, lunch, dinner, to on-the move snacks, noodle recipes, foccacia recipes and so much more! All that are paleo friendly...

And Now... There Is Paleo Sweets!

The perfect cookbook that allows you to cover all basis of paleo cooking. And best of all... you can have this cookbook today!

Simply click on the orange 'Add to Cart' button below to order... you will gain instant access to the download of my Paleo Sweets cookbook within minutes of processing your payment.

Paleo Sweets - Today $27!

These recipes are PERFECT to take with you to
special occasions..

... so you can still eat along with everyone else and still enjoy a slice of cake, a biscuit or dessert - you no longer have to miss out on sweets!

In-fact when I go to birthday's and other celebrations for special occasions I take my own cake and biscuits! And usually, people enjoy these a lot more than the other foods on the table! A lot of the time this comes down to the sweets being unique and people ask what they are and I say "they have no grains, no dairy and they follow the paleo diet".

They get intrigued... they like them... and then they go back for more!

"Every time I looked through one of the cookbooks in my bookshelf, I came across recipe after recipe in the dessert section that is laden with unhealthy foods, extremely high in sugar and with almost nothing healthy in it. Paleo Sweets is 100% the opposite and that is why this cookbook is so perfect! These recipes are not only brilliantly displayed within the cookbook but for every recipe I've made so far i've have been praised amongst everyone who I have shared them with. They have all turned out absolutely perfectly! The hardest part is making sure I don't eat everything at once!"

~ Sam
Nutritionists student at U

"These are some of the best recipes that I have tasted - It really makes a difference when it comes to using fresh and natural foods that can't be replicated with highly processed 'foods'! I recommend these recipes to anyone who enjoys the odd sweet and who wants to stay paleo and/or simply stay away from grains and dairy!"

~ Shiona

"Pretty much all of my favorite desserts from childhood have been made up of flour, dairy, processed sugar and everything that screams unhealthy. This cookbook will remain as one of the top cookbooks for paleo recipes that can be integrated into so many occasions; from keeping the kids healthy at birthday parties, to having a healthy paleo-friendly biscuit along with a cup of tea with my friends. Thank you for this fantastic cookbook, I absolutely love it!"

~ Alexis

"Nikki, the first thing I did after looking through your cookbook for the first time was step straight into the kitchen. The kids love the paleo jelly's and me and my wife are delighted that we can now give treats like these to the kids."

~ Timothy

When you have your copy of my
Paleo Sweets cookbook:


If these are the kinds of things that you would like to achieve in your lifestyle then I urge you to purchase a copy of my Paleo Sweets cookbook today and start enjoying paleo friendly sweets with more variety than you have ever known.

And don't forget!

When you purchase, you are also going to receive the special bonus of my Paleo Protein Bar Recipes cookbook. 15 paleo friendly protein bar recipes that are indeed, 100% paleo friendly. These protein bars contain on average 14g of protein per serve, they are PERFECT for a convenient protein rich on the move paleo snack, and are PERFECT for paleo athletes looking to increase their overall calories and protein intake for recovery and building muscle, while keeping inflammation down and staying strict on the paleo diet for ultimate results in athletic performance.

Paleo Sweets
Paleo Sweets - Today $27!

And I am so confident that you are absolutely going to love my Paleo Sweets cookbook that I'm going to offer you a 60day money back guarantee.

100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee

If you don't absolutely love the paleo recipes I have created within my Paleo Sweets cookbook I will provide you with the most generous offer of a 60 day, 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

Here is how it works: Order today and you will gain instant access to download the Paleo Sweets cookbook. If within 60days you are NOT cooking delicious paleo friendly sweets that are helping you feel more vibrant and energetic than ever before, simply send me an e-mail for a full, complete refund... no questions asked!

You can't find a more generous offer than that!


Nikki Young

PS. Remember, when you purchase the Paleo Sweets cookbook, you will also receive the low-color version of Paleo Sweets (perfect for black and white printing or printing from home) AND my Paleo Protein Bar Recipes cookbook as a special bonus, as well as being part of my Paleo Sweets VIP newsletter!

If you are looking to create paleo friendly recipes all year around - including at some of the most difficult times to eat paleo - such as birthday parties, family gatherings and special occasions, then my Paleo Sweets cookbook will be one of the most highly used cookbooks you own. And I have a copy of my Paleo Sweets cookbook available for you right now! Simply click on the link below to purchase.

PPS. Remember, there is No Risk to your purchase as I am providing you a 60day, 100% money back satisfaction guarantee if you purchase today. If you don't enjoy the biscuits, cakes, ice-creams, jelly's, fruit salads, mousse recipes... and MANY other delicious paleo recipes I have put together within Paleo Sweets, I will refund you in full!

PPPS. The Paleo Sweets cookbook is a downloadable e-book. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC! Absolutely everything you will need to start creating paleo sweets can be downloaded in minutes! It can't get much easier than that.

Claim your copy of my Paleo Sweets cookbook today by clicking on the secure orange order button below.

Paleo Sweets
Paleo Sweets - Today $27!

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